Equipped to Win! Stanley Hupfeld Academy

INTEGRIS Foundation

Our Students Need YOU! Every $25 you give will equip one child to play their favorite team sport this year!

More than 90% of all students at Stanley Hupfeld Academy (SHA) in Oklahoma City are growing up in homes below the poverty line. Many of these kids have always had a passion or interest in playing a sport but many have never experienced playing as part of an organized team. As you know, nearly all sports require specific equipment to not only play but to be competitive among other teams with resources. It's heartbreaking to imagine how even simple sports equipment can become a significant barrier for many of our students - keeping them from pursuing a passion.

You can help change this story for one student with a gift of just $25.  Through each $25 gift to the Equipped to Win campaign, one student will experience the 'love of the game' by being equipped with equipment they need to pursue their passion. Your gift is literally a game changer for these kids.

We believe financial ability shouldn’t be a reason a child cannot play in an organized, team sport. As many of us know from our own experiences, team sports foster comradery and build both physical and mental strength as kids learn new skills and learn how to respectfully compete and work together on a team with a common goal.

100% of the equipment and uniforms enjoyed by our students will be entirely donor funded. Our ability to allow each of our students to enjoy a team sport this year depends upon the support we receive.

Please help us reach our goal of $7,500 raised by Oct. 15!  To reach this will ensure all 300 students at SHA will be equipped to win this year.

Ready to get in the game? Hooray!  Here's two ways you can help:

1. Please join us with your gift!  Impact begins at just $25 for each child you want to sponsor - but every gift is welcomed and deeply appreciated.  You can make a gift via the donate now button below.

2. If this cause stirs your heart, we hope you will choose to join us by both giving AND creating your own fundraising page as part of the Equipped to Win campaign.  By sharing your passion for SHA kids with others, you can make an even bigger impact!

As a fundraiser for Equipped to Win, you can set your own personal fundraising goal to help us outfit every one of our 300 SHA students this year. You can easily share your fundraising page through your favorite social media platform to ask your friends to join you in reaching your personal goal!  Create your fundraising page by clicking the "Start Fundraising" button below.

On behalf of the entire SHA Community – thank you! Together, we will ensure every SHA kid is Equipped to Win this year!

Have Questions? Contact us at 405.951.5005 or events@integrisok.com.

This campaign is hosted by INTEGRIS Foundation, a 501(c)(3). 100% of funds raised through this initiative will be invested into Stanley Hupfeld Academy (SHA) to purchase sports equipment and team uniforms for kids at SHA. INTEGRIS Health chartered Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village in 2000, and has been a continuous corporate partner with the school over the last two decades.